remains safely enclosed and protected. Additionally, some sleeve s come with an

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When it comes to functionality, Baggu Laptop Sleeves truly shine. They are designed with a secure zipper closure, ensuring that your laptop remains safely enclosed and protected. Additionally, some sleeves come with an external pocket where you can conveniently store your charger, documents, or other small essentials, making it even more practical for those constantly on the move. The lightweight design of these sleeves allows for easy transportation, allowing you to slip your laptop into your bag without adding unnecessary bulk.

remains safely enclosed and protected. Additionally, some sleeve s come with an

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Large absorption coefficient, good flame retardancy, can be widely used in thermal equipment, air conditioning constant temperature, hot and cold pipes, oven drying room, cold storage and building insulation, heat insulation, sound insulation and other aspects, ultra-fine glass wool development history: cotton-like artificial glass fiber, including rock wool and slag wool, has been widely used in thermal insulation in Europe, North America and other regions for decades. The drain pipe is connected to the low point of the working steel pipe or the position required by the design, there is no need to set up another inspection well, the elbows, tees, bellows compensators and valves of the working steel pipe are all arranged in the steel sleeve, and the whole working pipeline runs in a fully sealed environment. Reliable, using the form of internal fixation, the external fixed concrete pier can be cancelled.

remains safely enclosed and protected. Additionally, some sleeve s come with an

The stacking site of steel jacketed steel insulation pipe should be: the ground should be flat and free of hard sundries such as gravel; the ground should have sufficient bearing capacity to ensure that collapse and dumping accidents will not occur after stacking; the stacking site should dig trenches for drainage, and no stagnant water is allowed in the site; the stacking height should not be greater than 2m away from the heat source, and there are fire protection measures; the two ends of the steam insulation pipe should be protected and blocked, and a canopy should be used when storing in the open air. Attention should be paid when loading and unloading steel sleeve steel insulation pipe: hook the earring or tie the outer casing with a sling whose width is greater than 50mm. It is strictly forbidden to load and unload with wire rope directly on the external anti-corrosion layer, thus damaging the anti-corrosion layer. It should be lifted gently to prevent bumping, and it is strictly forbidden to drag

Aside from its stylish design, the Baggu Laptop Sleeve also offers exceptional functionality. With two exterior pockets, you can conveniently carry your charger, earphones, or other small accessories. This eliminates the need for an additional bag, keeping your belongings organized and easily accessible. Furthermore, the durable YKK zippers ensure a smooth glide, allowing you to effortlessly open and close the sleeve with one hand, making it a breeze to take out or put away your laptop while on the move.

remains safely enclosed and protected. Additionally, some sleeve s come with an

Up to now, the domestic prefabricated directly buried steam insulation elbow mainly uses the foreign technology of “steel sleeve steel” for reference, that is, when the pipe is heated up, the inner working pipe and the insulation layer are together, and the outer steel pipe does not move.

Salt tube shell or XN-3 aluminum silicate (moistureproof ceramic products) insulation tube shell, you can also choose other thermal insulation materials according to customer requirements. The double-layer seam on the wrong surface of the thermal insulation material is tied up on the working steel pipe, resulting in heat loss, no surface with the steel sleeve, and the service life of the insulation layer, and its thickness depends on the temperature of the medium. Main technical specifications of composite silicate note: this product is harmless and pollution-free, which is composed of steel pipe conveying medium, anticorrosive jacket steel pipe and ultra-fine glass cotton filled between steel pipe and outer steel pipe. Graphite, calcium silicate tile shell and filled polyurethane foam can also be used. Xianning polyurethane thermal insulation steel pipe calcium silicate steel sleeve steel insulation pipe has strong anti-corrosion performance: for the water supply and drainage metal pipe passing through acid soil or saline-alkali zone, the use of IPN anti-corrosion, can be enough anti-corrosion strength of the anti-corrosion layer, it has similar mechanical properties, hydraulic conditions and service life.

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